Thursday, 3 May 2012


We've set off on a Golden Week car trip, first stop was for lunch at a highway service area in Yamanashi prefecture.

The pic is U enjoying hoto noodles with kabocha, because that is what you eat when you go visit Yamanashi, and koi nobori, because apparently I'm supposed to post a picture of them...


  1. You're in Yamanashi? You're eating hōtō? You're doing all this without me?! :'(

    Please have an extra helping of hōtō. That's my ichiban favourite Japanese food ever.

    PS: Is U going fishing? ;)

  2. You would have been more than welcome to tag along! Although I think you would have been sorely disappointed by the hoto at the rest stop - I'm a fan too, but this was not very good at all.

    U is, sadly for him, not doing any fishing this trip, but we do have a bunch of Toshogu to visit! :D