Friday, 4 May 2012

Stop Three

I'm on a Girl Scout committee to promote use of the various facilities GSJ owns - namely the HQ in Tokyo and camp center in Togakushi, Nagano. The whole reason behind our trip to Nagano over Golden Week was so that I could finally visit the camp (the irony of being on a committee to promote the use of a facility I had never actually used myself was not lost on me!). Since I'll be helping to run a camp for over seventy Girl Scouts this summer I really needed to see the site. So, stop three was Togakushi Girl Scout Camp.

Unfortunately we're both battling colds and didn't feel up to battling the HORDES of people at Togakushi shine, but it is a beautiful place and we will be back again!

To get to the GS camp you have to pass through a municipal campground, but the GS site is so much nicer. Among the birches and other trees were fuki-no-to just beginning to flower, little white and purple flowers poking up, and skunk cabbage just about to unfurl. We tramped about in borrowed galoshes and watched as a low mist came in to cover everything.


  1. Not a trout photo, but fuki-no-to! ^^

    I don't know what that little blue flower is called, but it has a stunning colour.

    If you're battling colds you should eat lots of mountain veggies and drink lots of nihonshu. Oh, wait, who's driving? :(

    Take care, get well soon and enjoy the great outdoors on behalf of us Tokyoites!

  2. U thinks they might be 二輪草 (anemone flaccida or wind flowers) but Google is only showing me white ones with rounder petals so I'm not so sure... But the were all over the place and beautiful!

    Unfortunately, however, we weren't able to have fuki-no-to tempura, very disappointing!

  3. Love these photos. hugs, C