Thursday, 25 July 2013


- coworkers with old postcard collections who make photocopies of Toshogu cards for me
- doing my own research
- work from home days (no commute! staying in my pjs all day! shocking and scaring the Japan Post delivery man!)
- summer food (mikan popsicles! somen noodle salads! Thai salad rolls! kiwi lemonade kakigori!)
- planning our summer vacation in Hokkaido (cool-er weather! Toshogu! museums! grilled lamb!)


He asked. I said yes. 

We called his family and all he had to say was that he had an announcement to make, and his mother started to squeal like a high school girl. 

He's the only son and eldest, I'm an only child. This has been impatiently waited for by both sides. His mother even proposed to me - twice!

So now planning starts - when, where, what... Times two, one for each country, plus the addition of tracking down the paperwork so we can do the legal part of it all...

But I must admit I've gone all girly and can't think about paperwork when Google awaits with image searches like "engagement ring" and "wedding dress"!!