Thursday, 25 July 2013


- coworkers with old postcard collections who make photocopies of Toshogu cards for me
- doing my own research
- work from home days (no commute! staying in my pjs all day! shocking and scaring the Japan Post delivery man!)
- summer food (mikan popsicles! somen noodle salads! Thai salad rolls! kiwi lemonade kakigori!)
- planning our summer vacation in Hokkaido (cool-er weather! Toshogu! museums! grilled lamb!)


  1. If you come through Chitose airport, let me know. We are nearby and you could come round for a cuppa!

    1. Ooooh! We're training it from Tokyo to Hakodate (my choice) and then renting a car and driving to Abeshiri (U's choice). So we won't be flying through Chitose, but we will be passing very near! I'd love to meet you and see your gorgeous garden!