Thursday, 1 August 2013


- cooking with the results of our herb garden (the basil TOOK OFF in the planter box in the living room window, and we've had a steady supply of homemade pesto sauce, mixed with lemon balm until the latter went to flower)
- harvesting a few (tiny!) stalks of rhubarb
- Alishan/Tengu foods whole wheat pancake/muffin mix made with yogurt, rhubarb (see above!), and strawberries... mmmmm!
- outdoor hotsprings on a windy evening
- an amazing friend agreeing to be my matron of honour and immediately surpassing my hopes with her amazing-ness
- ring shopping!


  1. Replies
    1. Heh! U turned out to be quite the ring shopper. He enjoys putting the ring on (the wrong finger!) and then admiring his hand in the mirror... His favourite, however, was of course when the shop assistant at one place pulled out a little monacle thingy that fitted over the rings and allowed you to examine the diamond for flaws...

      My little scientist! ;)