Friday, 2 August 2013

Elephant Baby

The year I spent in India was full of wonderful memories, due in large part to the people I met. I was lucky enough to work with and meet some amazing and inspiring women. I am still meeting new Scouting friends through my connections to the Center in India, and they continue to impress me with their drive, dedication, and spirit. Another thing a number of these women have in common is the fact they have had sons in the past few years.

I have a hunch that spending a few months to a few years living in the almost entirely female-only surroundings of a Girl Scout center scares the baby-girl making ability right out of a woman as of all the babies I know to have been born to Sangam volunteers, and all the babies I have heard of from others who know Sangam, out of all those babies there has been only one girl. All the rest are boys.

One of those baby boys made his entrance into the world only a short while ago and so I scoured Ravelry for elephant baby knitting (prompting a relative to email me and ask me what was up...!) I eventually settled on two little projects - a bib and a small stuffed toy - and since I was able to make both with yarn already in my stash, they were very quick knits!

I'm still not quite sure about the trunk, but besides that he is rather cute.

"Yikes! You don't have to yell into my ear, I can hear you, I can hear you!!"

I have an unhealthy love for this tail, for some reason... cute!!


  1. Iddy biddy liddle ephelant! Can I steal it? ^^

    1. NO!

      But I'm happy to knit you something elephanty of your very own. I have a pattern for an adorable elephant onesie... but maybe that isn't quite right for you?