Sunday, 4 August 2013

Morning Coffee

Every work morning, I get up and head to the shower, U drags himself downstairs and turns on the coffee machine, before collapsing on the couch for a few more minutes of sleep. By the time I'm out of the shower U is sitting upright on the couch, watching a morning news show, and has made the coffee - sometimes he has a cup, sometimes he doesn't.  I take mine in my thermos to work.

This morning, however, he left early for four days at a conference in Kyushu. I woke up to sunlight streaming in around the curtains and the other half of the bed empty. He had already gone and left me to sleep in. (he had been up past 3 am the night before, finishing his paper, and I had stayed up with him, working on my own stuff) I was disappointed - I'm not going to see the man for four days and if he's leaving early he normally comes back in and wakes me up to say goodbye. But this morning he didn't, so I didn't get the chance to see him off at the door (and crawl back upstairs to bed afterwards, it is a Sunday morning afterall!)

This morning I came downstairs and, sitting on the kitchen table for me, was my thermos, full of iced-coffee, and a note from U (yes, that is actually my nickname for him, and he signs notes / emails / texts to me that way). 

Is it any wonder why I love him?!


  1. Now if that were umeshu ... ^^

    So how will you fill your four U-less days? Studying?

    1. U is for umeshu. Who said it has to be U-less. ;)

    2. Ru - I would say that I spent my days studying, but after staying up waaaaaay too late Sunday night (I was still awake a good few hours after you had gotten up!) skyping with my fabulous matron of honour, I really should say I spent my days sleeping and my nights studying...!

    3. Dru - sadly no umeshu was imbibed, so the week was u-less as well as U-less!