Monday, 21 May 2012

Powers of Perception

I stepped out of the shower this morning and immediately noticed a strong smell of burning... something. I wrapped my towel around me and followed my nose to the main room.

U was spread out on the couch, half asleep and half watching TV. I asked him if he couldn't smell something burning and he jumped up and dashed to the oven.

The last slice of breakfast bread (chocolate walnut!) was charred half through.

U tried to justify his lack of olfactory sense by saying that as a scientist he has to limit the things he focuses on or else he'd never finish his experiments. I laughed and picked up some breakfast at the station before getting on my train.


  1. That's OK, as long as "things he focuses on" always includes you! ^^

    1. Yup! :D

      (but it doesn't seem to include "things I say"!! Grrr!)