Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Takahara/Kogen jinja

Just your average narrow road in small-town Japan...

But, beyond the garden and in front of the old storehouse, between the family car and the kei-truck, is a shrine!

Just as written on our map from the local public library...

The wooden building apparently fell apart "a long time ago" when the neighbourhood oyaji (in his eighties) was a boy.  Despite having lost the building, it avoided being amalgamated with a number of other local shrines and is apparently well-cared for (when the locals are not either out or in the bath...)

Because if you peak into the inside a fresh coat of red paint lists the gods enshrined - and look! Toshogu!


  1. I think you should sneak back and at least paint the little roof red and yellow and blue. No?

    PS: Are you sure it's Tōshō Daigongen who lives here? It's not his second cousin three times removed? ^^

  2. Maybe a bit of gold leaf and a baku and kirin or two? ;)

    Funny you ask that, the photo doesn't show it, but this shrine was more particular than most, listing it as Tosho-daigingen's Toshogu! :D I can post photographic proof if you don't believe me! :P