Thursday, 31 January 2013


- Morinaga Greek yoghurt with raspberry sauce
- new pjs (from Uniqlo!)
- workday lunch dates with friends
- people wearing my knitting!!
- trying (and succeeding with!) new yummy dinner recipes

What are you loving this Thursday?


  1. A certain green-grey scarf! :D

    Getting that holiday feeling

    Re-reading John W Dower's book "War without mercy" (it's not an easy read - it's about racism in WWII - but damn this man can write!)

    Rye bread with peanut butter and honey (very adult, healthy, sophisticated lunch, no?)

    1. Yay! And yay!

      Dower?!? You know, he is even more amazing in person! I had the honour of cross-registering for one of his classes during my first MA. Amazing man. Amazing class. The class was on propaganda during WWII - both Japanese and American, mostly video/movies. It was the early days of the Iraq war, making it an interesting time to be in Boston in general, but Dower was brilliant at tying in current events with what we were looking at in class (the class was at MIT, and thus most of the students were science/engineering undergrads). One of, if not the, best class I've ever taken. (But 7-10 pm after a long Monday full of classes was a killer!)

      I've been craving PB recently, I think it is the cold! Ry bread is very adult! ;)

    2. WHAT?! You met Dower?! You went to one of his classes?! I've just turned the colour of a recently acquired scarf. Damn, woman! AAARGH!

      I've read (more than once) every single book he's written, and he's absolutely brilliant.

      I'm glad to hear rye bread is adult, but I think there was more peanut butter and honey than bread ...

    3. I remember the afternoon I spent in Dower's office (all the grad students taking the course were invited to talk to him about paper topics as the class was mainly an undergrad course and the paper they were to write was somewhat different). He was incredibly generous with his time and kept coming up with suggestions and all sorts of ideas for the topic I was pitching him... It remains one of my favourite memories from grad school. And, the copy of "Embracing Defeat" he signed for me is one of my prized possessions!

      I actually credit Dower with getting me intoise studies. It was his devotion to writing and sharing his research with the general public that made me realize just how internally focused much of Japanese studies in North America really is, and how much that bothered me. When I got into a museum and realized the opportunity to share much of that research at a much wider scale, well, it just seemed right for me.

      Have you read his latest book? If you haven't bought it yet, I'm happy to lend you my copy!

  2. Well, it's Saturday now, but I can still play along, right?
    I'm loving- chicken mayo sandwiches (I'm on a weird kick at the moment)- hot cups of tea on cold days - the thought of a nice holiday coming up soon -weight training (I get that this is an unusual one but it's good to feel yourself getting stronger and stronger...).

    1. Of course you can still play along! That looks like a good list! Hot tea on a cold day is one of my favourites too, although since I try to limit my caffeine I tend to drink herbal tea... Or just go for hot chocolate! ;)

      Mayo and chicken? Mmm, I may have to make a sandwich for lunch tomorrow...!

  3. I'll have to look out for the greek yogurt, I've never seen it here.
    I think it might be a while until someone wears my knitting! I'm very envious. I 've been trying, but, as I'm teaching myself, it's a bit stop and go... Any tips? Or good places to go for help?

    1. The greek yogurt is Morinaga's partheno yogurt. Really yummy. Sadly rather pricy, but our local supermarket had it on special sale much of last week, so I picked up a whole bunch... yummmm!

      Knitting tips? Just keep at it! There are some good video tutorials out there - just google knitting help video and whatever stitch or technique you are trying to do. Either that or come on up to Tokyo, an American in Japan has opened up a yarn shop in western Tokyo and regularly does knit meetings and lessons and SnB. Good fun and a great teacher!