Thursday, 17 January 2013


- coworkers who know how to cheer me up and make me laugh
- making new professional contacts
- good multi-disciplinary academic discussions
- umeshu! (see #3 above)
- sunny days and SNOW!

What about you? What are you loving this Thursday?


  1. Ummm...

    Lovely students who are so switched on.
    A glass of red wine
    Home made udon tsuyu (not that exciting though when you make it yourself)
    A train driver that opened the doors to let me onto the train
    Popping into the Jujo tofu shop
    Going to the loo at the uni today and knowing when I put down my ipad and the data projector outside that they are not going to be nicked 30 seconds later when I re-emerge.

    Best of all - no work tomorrow!!!!

    1. Wow! That's a lot to love! Yay for Friday holidays (I have one next week I'm looking forward to!!)

  2. Nooo! I'm on Africa time so I missed this! Sulk. :(

  3. So what are you loving this Friday then? ;)

    I'm loving reading the comments on your snow post! :D

  4. OK ... so ... can we do Saturday?

    1) I love the fact that I have today off.
    2) I'm smugly content that I decided AGAINST going on an excursion to a temple for boobs (yup, it boosts boobs). It's a beautiful day, but it's cold and I'm still a pain in the neck. ;)
    3) I'm enjoying - from a safe distance - the Vancouver argument between two Canadians.
    4) I'm chortling as I'm compiling a list of stuff to take/bring back from SA. It's fun matchmaking between friends and products on different continents.
    5) Bright blue sky.

    1. 1) People really need to stop loving the fact that they have the day off when I have to work! Really. Although today is Sunday, so perhaps we can all love the fact that we don't have to work? (except for the English translation contract that came in, finally, this morning? Ugh... sigh!)

      2) I'm not sure it'll help the fact that you ARE a pain in the neck (hehe!), but on the hope that it might solve the pain IN your neck, do you have time for a quick umeshu, maybe some evening after work this week? It could also help your neck stop being so cold... ;)

      But I do like your list! Enjoy!