Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Buddha

Last Sunday was a gorgeous sunny warm day (giving no hint of the snow and cold that was to hit the next day). I went to Kamakura with a British friend visiting Japan with her family. Despite the hordes of people we managed to meet up, see the major sights, go souvenir shopping, and have a lovely lunch in between. My favourite day trip from Tokyo will always be Nikko, but Kamakura is a strong #2.


  1. I've already put my big flat foot in my mouth about rugby, so I'm not going to argue about Kamakura vs Nikko, but ...

    Nikko: great hiking and, in the immortal words of my students, there is very many nature.

    Kamakura: more temples yesyesyesIknownotTokugawaOKbyeIshutup.


    1. I think it comes down to temples vs shrines. I'm a shrine person. Kamakura is temples.

      And then there is the history. Tokugawa Ieyasu beats the Kamakura shogun anyday! ;)

      Oh! And Nikko has onsen!! (sure Kamakura has the ocean but the ocean isn't nearly as nice for soaking in!!)

      Hah! ;)

  2. I've only been to either one once, but I liked both, for different reasons. Maybe if I lived near there, I would have a stronger opinion!

    1. Heh! I have a (rather well-known) thing for Nikko, and Toshogu in general, so there really is no competition. I'd be more than happy to convince you of that and give you my Nikko your if you were ever in this neck of the woods and wanted to go! ;)