Saturday, 12 January 2013


Who said you can only post about things you love on a Thursday? Why not Saturday? There is so much more to love about a Saturday anyways (especially since my days off are Sunday - Monday and thus Saturday is the last day of my work week and an easier commute to boot).

So here goes, a few things I'm loving this Saturday.

- electric blankets - snuggling into a warm bed in an unheated room at night is the best feeling ever
- making a big decision about my next (professional) step and knowing it is right for me
- being supported in that decision by coworkers, bosses, and best of all, U
- (almost!!) finishing a big project at work and knowing (and having my coworkers and boss appreciate) that while it was a first time attempt for me and isn't perfect by far, it is a useful an important contribution and one that would not have happened at all had I not been there
- making a warming winter dinner largely from my own creation (cabbage gratin - yummmmm!) and having U literally scrape out the bowl to get the last drop!


  1. You go, girl! (Talking about that next step.)

    Another nice thing about Saturdays is reading happy posts. Eeek. Does that sound very mawkish? Oh never mind.

    My best thing this Saturday: going to dinner with a friend (cheap Thai joint under the tracks in Yurakucho), arriving with a headache from hell, and then after one beer realizing ... the headache's gone! Forget about pain pills. Just drink beer. That's today's happy discovery.

    Enjoy your off days, Sarah!

    1. Well the first step hasn't quite been taken yet, but I have talked about it to people at work and am putting things into motion to try and make it a reality... very very very exciting!!

      Yay for beer headache medicine! I'm not a beer drinker, but I'm more than happy to test your theory with umeshu to see if it works just as well! Here's to hoping your headache is gone for good, but if you need another dose of medicine just let me know, I'd be happy to help you administer it! ;)

      Enjoy the long weekend Ru!

  2. Oh... next professional step... intriguing...

    I'll stay tuned!

  3. The next step will *hopefully* start in September, but changes need to be made as of April if I want to have a hope of realizing this dream!