Monday, 23 July 2012

Ume syrup - round two, week 4

What are these penguins celebrating?

It's all ready! Golden and sweet and tart and very very very yummy.

I wonder how long it will last? ;)


  1. Interesting, you strain yours! We leave our ume in until it's finished!!
    Did you leave it in a cool place or in the fridge while the sugar was dissolving? We wait until half is dissolved then put it in the fridge

    I want to drink my umeshu but I'll have to wait til next year :(

    1. I left it under the sink in a cool-ish and dark space for the whole 4 weeks, shaking or stirring it almost everyday. It is now in the fridge. I did take out the plums, I must admit I've never been a fan of actual ume in my drink (and even less of lots of pulp in my orange juice!)

      I'm sure your umeshu will taste all that much yummier next year!

  2. Penginsan? I'm going to start calling you Penginsan.

    It sounds very lekker. How long, do you think, will it last? ^^