Monday, 2 July 2012

East eats meet West eats!

(try to say that ten times really fast!)

I stopped in at one of the import food stores the other day, always a dangerous thing to do. There are fridges full of cheese to drool over (including "apple pie cheese" with apple bits and raisins and sugar... eeeeewww!) and mixes and packets to make Korean stir fries or Thai noodles or Indian curries or... Then there are imported chocolates and cookies an snack foods...

I went in with an empty stomach as I was waiting to meet U for dinner, and we all know that is the most dangerous time to go shopping. I managed to come out relatively unscathed, although somehow I did end up with a bag of salt and vinegar chips. Not something I buy regularly at all, but I do love salt and vinegar chips - the ones that are so salty and vinegary that your mouth shrivels after a few chips. And with Canada Day and planning our trip I guess I was feeling a want for something Canadian. So I bought the chips.

But they aren't me being homesick, they are a sign of how much I'm used to and comfortable with life in Japan. The chips aren't potato chips, they are seaweed chips - pieces of seaweed battered on one side and deep fried. And flavoured with salt and vinegar.

Boy were they good. A bi-cultural success - both the Westerner and the Easterner thought so!


  1. Cheese. Ooo. Cheese. Dissolves into a puddle of drool, and then a puddle of tears when she thinks of cheese prices in Japan.

    Vinegar seaweed chips? My first response was (@_@), but actually ... it just might work!

    1. I know, cheese! Sigh. The prices here are just... Sigh. I need to find a way to go back to Costco for a huge brick of cheddar!

      I wasn't sure about the vinegar seaweed chips, but I figured that either way I had a blog post ;)