Saturday, 7 July 2012

TILT - Saturday version

Sure I'm a few days late, but here are a few things in loving this Saturday...

- umeshu
- laughing till I cry (perhaps related to the first one...)
- finishing projects at work
- helping foreign visitors to the museum
- making new friends (related to number two and number four!)
- museums open late in the evening and interesting special exhibits!


  1. I'm glad! And I look forward to the next time!! Especially because I didn't get to hear any of your wild African tales!

  2. Agreed!
    I am still occasionally remembering the hamster story, and giggling like an idiot.
    Usually on a packed train.
    Ah well ;p

    1. Hehehehe! Luckily I was in the stag room warming up my lunch (alone) when I read your comment! :D

      I told U how much fun we had and he asked what we talked about... I tried to tell him but broke down into giggles and just gave up. He just shook his head at me and said he was glad I enjoyed myself... I look forward to round two!

    2. Staff room STAFF ROOM STAFF ROOM! Not stag room! Jeez, what kind of museum are you all going to think I work in?!?

    3. Stag room?!

      You been visiting any fertility shrines in Osaka?!