Monday, 16 July 2012

Osaka Day Three

I had been planning to head out early-ish and hit up two museums before catching the Shinkansen back to Tokyo. But a holiday Monday and two adorable little ones who wanted to play cars and throw themselves at me after racing down the hall meant I didn't get going until early afternoon, giving me just enough time to check out a special exhibit i had missed in Tokyo I feel badly for skipping the half a dozen Osaka museums I'd like to have visited, but there always is next time and how can you beat a morning spent running matchbox cars along a plastic track and a visit that ended with "Wub ew Sarah! Wetz pway agen soooon!"


  1. No no no. I protest. Brevity may well be the soul of wit, but this is too much brevity. Hmph. Tokyo Sky Tree?! A hologram? A plastic model? What? Where? Why does it accompany an Osaka day? Pray tell more!

  2. Hehehe! And I specifically took my shot at an angle slightly different from the directed one, with the intention of showing where I took it. It was taken in Osaka, at t exhibit I missed in Tokyo.

    An interesting exhibit, but lacking in overall cohesiveness apart from the fact that it was about "towers" (focusing on Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Tower, and Osaka's Tsutenkaku). The reason for the linking was pretty weak or non-existent, and since the three are hardly the only three towers and are not contemporary, an explanation of the reason they were chosen (beyond the fact that Orsay was willing to lend the items and Edohaku, who organized the exhibit, wanted to show it in Osaka too...)

    And as much as I like Skytree, it was tacked on at the end with no explanation and only the barest of explanations...

  3. "It was tacked on at the end ... " Sacrilege. Blasphemy. High treason.

    Mass execution at dawn, says I!

    Osaka's Tsutenkaku? I had to look that up. Hmph. That's a tower? Hmph.

    1. But Tsutenkaku has its own god (Billiken) that is an American import! (check out the Wikipedia article, for a start!) is that enough reason to want to visit?!?