Thursday, 27 May 2010

Things I love Thursday

Here's a few things I'm loving this week

- a 30% raise! Yup... I got a raise at work, and a pretty significant one at that. It came somewhat out of the blue and is rather hush-hush but I'm VERY grateful. Tthe extra money is obviously welcome (and should make possible actually paying U back reasonably soon for my share of the flights we booked for our summer vacation!) but perhaps even more gratifying is knowing the museum values me and my skills

- having a weekend! Part of the changes at work has meant I now work Mon-Fri instead of Tues-Sat. Having a whole weekend to share with U is important and I'm hopefull that I'll be able to get more done now - as in seeing friends, going to museums (usually closed on Mondays) and maybe even going camping!!

- actually going to see a movie for the first time in YEARS and and AND having caramel popcorn! (I fell in love with movie theatre caramel corn in India but haven't had it since. mmm!)

- summer travel plans! U and I have booked our flights to Indonesia! A good friend and her husband are there for the year and while neither U nor I can take much time off we're both excited for a week in the tropics - jungles and temples and relaxing with friends by the pool - YAY!

but, the number one thing I'm loving this week is
- having had the chance to meet U's grandma. I know it meant a lot to her as well as both U and I.


  1. Talk about a list!

    You have a great bunch of things to love this week.

    I am glad you got a chance to meet U`s grandma and also congrats on the raise!

  2. What movie did you see? Cath

  3. Lulu - what can I say? It was a pretty darn good week - with the major exception of U's grandma dying, but even that had its silver lining as I got to meet her and she went peacefully and happily after having lived a long life.

    Cath - we saw Alice in 3D. The glasses annoyed me and the movie was a disappointment, but we had fun nonetheless!