Friday, 7 May 2010

Dum da dum dum da DA!

The Vapors may have sung about turning Japanese, but the opposite happens too. I've been seeing it happen - and U hasn't even been to Canada yet! So, here's my top 5 ways to tell your Japanese partner is turning Canadian.

5) They love poutine (but seriously, who doesn't love fries with gravy and cheese?!?

4) They appropriate your Taiga jacket (for non-Vancouverites Taiga is an outdoor wear and gear store in Vancouver, its goretex rain jacket is the unnofficial municipal costume).

3) They would rather eat sausages with maple syrup or eggs benedict with smoked salmon for breakfast than natto or grilled fish.

2) They becoming a huge hockey fan.

1) When waiting in the car they hum the old Hockey Night in Canada theme song and drum their fingers on the steering wheel in perfect time.


  1. That is so cute!!!

    My husband always says "mate" when talking to my brother or father. I think it is cute because it is SUCH an Aussie thing to say.

  2. At first I couldn't stop laughing when I realized what he was humming, but then I wanted to give him a huge hug, because the fact that he KNEW the song, knew what it was, and was humming it made me incredibly happy.

    A few weeks ago, watching one of the university hockey games, there was a foreign guy and his young son sitting behind us. The two were talking in English and the boy was excitedly going through his stack of hockey cards. I put my head on U's shoulder and said "I hope my kids are hockey fans too!" U looked at me increduously for a second and said "they won't have a choice!" I couldn't help but laugh at that one too!

  3. Hilarious! And sweet. There are kids playing street hockey in our neighbourhood and we ask the goalie if he's Halak, and of course, he always says 'Oui'!

    On a couple of occasions, usually during apple picking season in the Quebec countryside, Lorenz and I are moved to try poutine again. Usually we both dislike it and remember that we thought that the previous time!

    I think I've acquired a Swiss identity as well - I love Swiss yogurt, and Swiss chocolate!

    Go Habs go! (And go Canucks go!)