Monday, 24 May 2010


While I guessed that it was unlikely that U's grandma would be recovering enough to go to the nearby restaurant for dinner with all of us (or attend the wedding she was planning for me and her grandson) I had been looking forward to going to see her again. Unfortunately, however, that won't be happening.

Grandma had a visit this morning from one of U's cousins and the girl's little baby. The visit was a great success, with great-grandchild and great-grandma laughing and enjoying themselves thoroughally. Shortly after the visit grandma passed away peacefully.

U and I are both very glad we went to see her, and take heart in how happy she was to meet me and how relieved and pleased she was that U is happy and "taken care of."

The funeral and all are happening on Thursday and Friday, and U told me not to take the time off work, so I won't be attending my first Japanese funeral. I will be lighting some incense for her, however, and having an unagi dinner in her honour very soon.


  1. Hi Sarah, Sorry to hear. I'm so glad she got to meet you, and you her, albeit briefly. Was U very close to her? Is it really a big deal to get time off work for a funeral? love and hugs, Cath

  2. I'm glad that you went to visit her when you did, your short visit seemed to have brought her much joy. I wonder if she was hanging on to meet you after knowing that you've 'been around' for a while.

    May she rest in peace.

  3. Cath - It sounds like U wasn't particularly close to her, but its been hard for him as she was his last grandparent.
    I could have gotten the time off work if I had asked, the museum is VERY good about that sort of thing. But U told me that I didn't have to. I was going to insist it wasn't a big deal, but then I got to thinking and, since it would be a gathering of the whole family and much of the neighbourhood I decided that going was probably not a good idea anyways, as I didn't want to make it about the neighbourhood meeting the grandson's foreign girlfriend, but about everyone saying goodbye to grandma. So there you go...

    Achan - that is almost exactly what U said too. He is really really happy we went to see her, and is even happier about how she reacted to me and how happy/relieved she was. All good things at a time when good things are all the more precious.
    Thank you.

  4. That makes sense - I can see how your presence could be a bit of a distraction from the main event! Good to know that the museum is good about that sort of thing. love and hugs, Cath