Thursday, 13 May 2010

Things I love Thursday - Eating well with a little help from my friends

With my beloved Canucks season-ending loss the other night I can sadly no longer list listening/watching hockey games to my things I love Thursday list - it'll be another 4 months before I can say that again too... sigh.

But, on the flip side, there are plenty of other things I'm loving this Thursday, like:

- home-made yoghurt! I was given a container by a coworker to start me off. I had some with dinner tonight and wow! It was amazing! I am looking forward to having yoghurt with fruit for breakfast, especially when the weather gets hot and muggy and I loose my appetite.

- dinner tonight - I found myself craving fajitas and while I ended up with something closer to open-faced quesadillas, it was YUMMY! Since I can't find toritillas on short notice, I started with a somewhat thinner version of la Fuji Mama's Tibetan Flatbread. Once this was done I topped it with grated cheese, and then ladled on the warm grilled chicken/onions/mushrooms (no peppers due to my allergies). The mixture had been flavoured with a few spoonfuls of the huge container of fajita seasoning I inherited from a friend leaving Japan. This was then topped with my coworker's home-made yoghurt. It was messy but oh so yummy!

- Genghis Khan - no, not the Mongolian warlord, but a Japanese dish mostly found in Hokkaido - grilled lamb, sometimes in a hotpot, sometimes just grilled on bbq grill. I love lamb and have the chance to eat it so rarely here in Japan. But tomorrow night a number of my coworkers and I are going out for Genghis Khan... yum!

All this yummy food is because of friends/coworkers, so I'm definitely loving my friends this Thursday too!


  1. Haha, there is always a mention of some kind of food in my weekly list to. More often than not something sweet like tim-tams or chocolate.

    The mexican style dish sounds lovely! We are having buritos for dinner one night next week- I can`t wait! Yum!

  2. It all sounds so yummy! Home-made yogurt sounds intriguing - I guess it means you have some live bacteria in the fridge? Hope you enjoyed your Genghis Khan lamb experience! (BTW, how many times do you eat meat in a week?)
    love and hugs, Cath

  3. Lulu - good food is always something to love! Tim-tams especially! (as an undergrad in Canada I had a year or so when a friend was in Oz and he'd send me care packages of Tim-tams to help me get through studying for exams! mmmmmm!)

    Cath - unfortunately lamb ended up turning into sushi instead. It was still very yummy though. The yogurt is great, I wish you were closer so I could give you some too. I don't eat a large hunk of meet regularly, but do find a small amount sneaking into my lunch (ie in a stirfry type dish) on a regular basis. With the weather heating up, however, I'm likely to go back to eating a lot more tofu (especially chilled tofu, I love that in summer!).

  4. Hi again, I wish I was closer too to enjoy some of your homemade yogurt! Chilled tofu - yum! Remember I did an experiment once on Elm Street? I took one piece of steak and made a beef stirfry with veges for dinner. The three of us ended up eating only about 3/4 of the dish so there were leftovers. If we had steak, each of us would have had one piece of steak each! That experiment made me realize that Chinese dishes (and I guess Japanese ones too) use meat quite economically. It turns out that a bunch of nutrition books now say that we really don't need to eat much meat at all, if any. Still, I'm not yet a vegetarian, because like you, I like to add meat for flavour purposes. Happy cooking! love and hugs, Cath