Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ready, set...

I decided to follow Liz's advice, and go with a sweet gift to give U's family when we visit them later today. I couldn't resist making it myself, so the other day I spent a number of hours making maple truffles - based on Bakerella's oreo truffles recipe.

I started with maple truffles covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with maple sugar

but ran out of white chocolate so mixed in some walnuts to the truffles mixture and covered them with dark chocolate and maple walnuts (that I managed NOT to burn when I put them under the fish griller on my stove - yay!)

When I ran out of maple walnuts I gave them an extra covering of dark chocolate, ending up with three different types of chocolates. They have been wrapped up all purty-like and are sitting in the fridge ready for us to take.



    Is there anything you can't do????

    They're gonna love that but now you've set the standards high...what will you do next time???

    I hope you 'date' went well

  2. Wow! Making your own gift is priceless. I'm sure these will be devoured (in a loving way). Hope all went well - can't wait to hear!
    love and hugs, Cath

  3. Achan - oh dear! I hadn't thought of that...