Thursday, 20 May 2010

Things I love Thursday

- spring cleaning - I've been going through bookshelves/cupboards and chucking and reorganizing things. I love feeling more organized (although I'm not so happy with the pile of haven't-decided-what-to-do-with-it-but-don't-want-it-on-the-shelves that is currently taking up half of my floor space...)

- home-made yogurt for breakfast - my second batch of yogurt was even better than the first - more solid and less gloopy. In general it is less sour or strong tasting than store-bought yogurt. I've been loving having it for breakfast with fruit and a little caramel sauce... yum!

- translating for a tour at the museum - while I find translating guided tours at the museum very frustrating as it takes twice as long and leaves me wishing they'd just let me do the tour myself (I spent two summers as an undergrad working as a tour guide in the Canadian Rockies and I enjoy giving tours, trying to figure out what information to share with the particular group, how to keep them interested, etc...) I love having the opportunity to share the museum with visitors. It had been a couple of years since my last tour-translation, and I was very happy to be reminded of the improvement in my Japanese as I got through it with only one minor problem when I didn't know how to translate a Japanese version of a Chinese name.

- feeling valued at the museum - my days are currently divided between two departments. A different department asked me to do a couple of different projects recently and then the other day requested a full day on a regular basis. While this won't change my hours or salary and most of the work will be straight English translation and proofreading, I am excited about learning more about how this department works. I also just generally love feeling useful!


  1. Hooray for the good stuff at work! Where is the museum? I'd love to visit sometime :)

  2. Nothing better than feeling useful, glad to hear you're enjoying your job

  3. I think I'm enjoying it all the more this week because last week was a tough one at work.

    Umebossy - if you'd like to come for a visit you're more than welcome to! That'd be great!! I might even be able to offer you a personalized tour if I convince the curator that I'm gathering info to help us with our new English pamphlet/signs/etc! Since I'd like try to keep some semblance of anonimity on my blog in regards to just exactly which museum it is, however, send me an email if you want to know where and what and all that if you are interested!