Tuesday, 21 August 2012


We're in Canada right now, with only a few days left before we return to the sauna that is Tokyo. I had the greatest of intentions of blogging regularly throughout our trip but the combination of lack of reliable wifi and busy-induced exhaustion got in the way. I'll fill in with details and pictures when I have the chance, but here's a glimpse at what has been keeping us busy:

Day 1 - lack of sleep on the plane meant we were barely able to give coherent answers at customs and didn't get much better as the day wore on, but we did have good Canadian steaks for dinner.

Day 2 - off to the Trout Lake Farmer's market for breakfast and indulging in fresh BC fruit (raspberries and nectarines and rhubarb and blackberries and blueberries, oh my!!). Then shopping for me (yay jeans that fit!!!) and a tour of the gorgeous Vancouver waterfront for U. Then dinner with my aunt and the surprise of an old friend joining us.

Day 3 - up while it was still dark and off to the ferry to Vancouver Island for a family reunion in Naniamo (complete with second cousins I haven't seen in twenty years!). in the afternoon we drove to Victoria to stay with a family friend we hadn't seen in twenty years.

Day 4 - sightseeing in Victoria, the art gallery to make me happy and a sampling of seven craft brews at a brew pub to make U happy (and rather tipsy).

Day 5 - a walk on the beach (did I mention our friend lives right on the beach?!?) followed by a ferry back to Vancouver and dinner with my godparents (and their recently married son).

Day 6 - after tying my kayak to the roof of the car we got an early start and headed to the mountains. We stayed the night in a lovely B&B in Golden.

Day 7 - first stop was Lake Louise and then up the Icefields Parkway to Jasper. We took our time on the drive, stopping often for photographs and U marveled at the beauty that is the Rockies

Day 8 - spent at one of my two favourite places in the world, Maligne Lake. I saw old friends, we went on a boat cruise, and I spent nearly two hours paddling my kayak as the boys hiked. Breakfast at the wonderful bakery that is no longer so little and dinner at our favourite restaurant in town, a place we've been going to for at least a decade.

Day 9 - U rented a kayak and learned to paddle. We spent a glorious couple of hours paddling around and getting sunburnt. Unfortunately, however it was time to head off. The drive to Prince George was punctuated with a gorgeous and cloud-free view of Mount Robson, the culmination of absolutely perfect weather since we arrived. Dinner at our favourite pasta restaurant in PG, where dad ran into an old colleague and friend.

Day 10 - off even earlier in a biig truck with both my kayak and a 14 foot powerboat. Despite getting lost amid the myriad of island I succeeded in meeting up with the men in their powerboat, but the highlight of the day was U catching the only fish of the morning and the men coming home with four rainbow trout that proved to be absolutely delicious when fried up and accompanied with spinach salad for dinner.

Day 11 - driving the 800+ km from PG to Vancouver, stopping to meet up with friends twice along the way. Dinner out alone with U and running into family friends by chance.

Day 12 - after two 5 am wake up calls in a row in hoping this one starts MUCH later. With only three full days left we have plenty of people to see and shopping to be done and food to be eaten.

U doesn't want to leave either, so we're already planning our next trip!


  1. Maligne Lake and rainbow trout. Ooo. Oooooo. I can't WAIT to see the photos and hear the complete stories!

    You don't want to leave Canada? No! Come back! Please! It's VERY nice in Tokyo. It's 34 degrees and everything is covered in concrete and we've got squabbles with neighbours over rocks in the ocean and ...


    It was good to hear from you again. Enjoy the last few days thoroughly. Come back exhausted but happy! ^^

    1. 34 and concrete, eh? You really know how to make a girl cry! Can't I stick with 24 and gloriously sunny and nights juuust above the single digits?


      Photos to come, I promise! (I made sure to get fish photos for you!)

  2. What a great trip!! Hope the trip back to Japan is uneventful in a good way. What a special time you've been able to spend together. Early mornings and all :)

    1. Neither of us are ready to leave, it really has been amazing. Early mornings and all... although going back to work means plenty more of those to come!

  3. What a trip! Mt Robson without clouds is amazing. Great to hear you had such a wonderful time. hugs, C