Sunday, 26 August 2012

Trout Lake Farmers' Market

We arrived in Vancouver mid-day on a Friday and luckily I realized that evening that our only chance to go to the city's big farmers' market would be the next morning. I had been last summer and loved it, so I jumped at the chance of showing U the amazing abundance of local fresh fruit and veggies.

The Trout Lake Farmers' Market is a row of stalls set up in a park with grassy fields, a wooded area, and large pond.

But, pretty as it was, we weren't there for the view, we were there for the market - an amazing mix of veggies, fruit, baked goods, and all sorts of other yumminesses.

We started with breakfast crepes (with goat cheese and carmelized onions and spinach, or bacon and cheese and maple syrup, or... or...) from the crepe cart and and headed down to the lake to find a seat in the shade. Unfortunately we chose a rock that turned out to be a favourite among the four legged visitors, and as we licked our fingers of the last crumbs of our crepes we were forced to vacate our seat as two dogs in quick succession just about left their markers on my dad's pant leg instead of the rock upon which we were sitting.

Making our escape we headed back to the market and succumbed to the mountains of juicy cherries (perfect just as they were), tart raspberries (divine with vanilla yogurt for breakfast), and, to my delight, sticks of rhubarb (muffins!!).

And although we didn't buy any there was a stall selling fragrant herbs and another selling all sorts of flowers and greenery.

The veggie stalls were just as colourful with a rainbow of potatoes, beets, and carrots!

A great morning and one I wish I could duplicate here in Tokyo...