Thursday, 9 August 2012


"Oh don't worry about it!" says the friendly salaryman beside me as he shoves his hard case briefcase into the rack above the seats. "Don't worry, there is plenty of space!" He beams at me as he shoves his briefcase in sideways - crushing the bag beside it.

"Actually..." I pause. How do I say this politely? Then, as he crushes my bag again, my desire to try and be polite flies out the window.

"Actually I'm worried about THIS bag," I say as I reach protectively for my own bag. "It would be problematic if it got squashed." ('problematic'!?! Well, that is one way of putting it, and a whole lot more polite than what I wanted to say, but seriously?!)

"Oh!" the salaryman jumps. "It is soft?!"

"Yes." I say, as he stands his briefcase up and angles it away from bag. "Yes, it is soft."


PS - Sharon, I'm afraid our offering for the family picnic on Sunday may be... rather squashed...


  1. Are you on the plane already? Travel safely, enjoy the great outdoors and take lots of photos of Cute Dangerous Animals! ;)

  2. It will be wonderful to see you - anything squashed happily accepted! Looks like there will be 25 of us!