Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ajisai - Take two

After reading Rurousha's list of the top hydrangea spots in Tokyo I was inspired and toddled off to Asukayama with my camera (and iPhone macro lens!).

Not being a morning person it was mid-day by the time I got there, and there were plenty of others. There were older couples, pairs of middle aged women, mothers with young children, and men in suits. There were old flip-phone cameras, disposable camera, point-and-shoot digital cameras, and SLR with lenses longer than my arm. There was a young guy with a spray bottle of water setting up mood shots

and an older man with a mega camera on a monopod who had hidden himself in a gorgeous bush of hydrangeas to get shots of the trains.

But there were also gorgeous hydrangea - white,

and pink,

and blue,

and purple,

and even a mix of all of the above!

There were also all sorts of trains whizzing by

and even a spider enjoying the blossoms.

And, just for Rurousha, there was even views of Skytree to be seen (if you look really really hard...) with trains AND ajisai!


  1. Oh but this is beyond gorgeous! This is bliss! Flowers AND trains AND Sky Tree?! Wheee! (^o^)/

    The best bit, though, is the guy who brought bottled rain with him! Now why have I never thought of that?

    Thanks for lovely photos and ... Sky Tree wheee!

    1. U complained you couldn't see Skytree in the picture I chose, but I told him there were no trains in the the one he thought you could see it better... ;)

      The Asukayama ajisai really are gorgeous. I wanted to spend all day just wandering back and forth!