Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Hanami

One of the benefits of working near sakura is convincing your coworkers to join you for an impromptu hanami after work. (playing around with an early birthday present, a macro lens for my iPhone!!)


  1. Are your co-workers Japanese? Then the real challenge is to convince them to have a hanami DURING work. Leave the office! Abandon your post! Go AWOL! :D

    PS: Nice lens.

  2. Yes, my coworkers are all Japanese (I'm the only furriner at the museum) but since the group of us who went for hanami are all hourly skipping off in the middle of the day would just end our day early! But waiting until evening has the benefit of thinning out the crowds!

    The lens is awesome. It was only a few thousand yen and it is a little thing, but I love the pics I was able to take with it, given that it is my phone afterall!