Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Playing hanami favourites

Asukayama Park is one of my favourite places for cherry blossoms and when Rurousha threatened to take it off her recommended list I just had to defend it.

Sure it gets crowded, but not nearly as badly as Ueno or other major spots, and unlike those, where the bulk is students intent on drinking, Asukayama's hanami-ers tend to be mostly families and seniors. Spots to spread your required "blue sheet" picnic blanket can be tricky to find and garbage can get out of hand at the peak of the blossoms

but even then peace is not hard to find in the gated part of the park off to one side. This grassy and forested area has a no eating and drinking rule but some people sit on the lawn and artists sit in front of easels sketching. There may be only a few sakura trees in this area, but they stand out against the surrounding greenery

and frame the historic buildings also found in this part of the park.

They also frame the museums...

did I mention there were THREE museums in the park? (I admit that my love of museums and history may have something to do with my love of Asukayama... ;)

But in the evening, after the museums close, most of the hanami-ers head home but the sakura remain and seem to glow in the early evening light.

So, what do you think Rorousha?


  1. I think ...

    1) We need to start a garbage removal company and make a fortune in 2013. ^^

    2) Museums = happy.

    3) Asukayama was originally intended for plebs, and since I'm very much a pleb, I need to do my civil duty towards my brethren and sistren.

    4) Asukayama shall remain on my list (with a suggestion in brackets that weekdays might be better) [that applies to all big hanami spots].

    5) See? It's easy to bribe me. Just post lots of cherry blossom photos! :D

  2. 1) I'm not sure about the fortune, but the men in their little k-truck did manage to clean up the garbage amazingly quickly after I took those pictures!

    2) Three museums = triple happy?!

    3) Perhaps not just with all of them at the same time?!

    4) Yay! (point taken and agreed with!)

    5) Two more photo heavy posts for your viewing pleasure - and a new spot for you to check out next year!