Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hanami stroll 2

The next day we headed off with U's parents after a late breakfast. We set out and just kept walking, stopping for a very late lunch and then turning around and heading back, arriving back home just before dinnertime!

At one point there was even a kids group paddling about the river in kayaks! Missing my own kayak I was sorely tempted to jump in one and take it for a spin, but they were in a tiny spot of deepish water and I wouldn't have gotten far...


  1. Where exactly is this river?

    As I mentioned at your previous post, my own Saitama home boy has never told me about this river and will probably never accompany me there if there ain't no fish. I'll have to find it myself. It's beautiful!

    These small neighbourhood spots are usually better than the tourist traps, aren't they? (Except Asukayama! Grin.)

  2. I think this link should take you to a Google map of the route we took... Let me know if it doesn't work. We walked along the "river" (as a Canadian I have to call it a stream!!) for about 2 km, starting from a block or so south of Kokukinen koen.

    I'm not sure there will be anything worth seeing after today's wind and rain, but definitely put it on your to visit list for next year!

  3. Oh! It's next to Kokukoen! I had Kokukoen on my list of cherry blossom places, but just didn't have enough time to venture beyond Tokyo's borders.

    I'd like to go for a stroll in early summer. Thanks!

    PS: I'd call it a canal ...

  4. So beautiful! I'm so glad you got to enjoy being in such lovely surroundings. Here the daffodils are starting to shoot up...
    hugs, Cath

  5. Rurousha - I'm not sure what the walk looks like in the summer, it would be green but you are walking along the road most of the way... We just about got hit by a car at one point. I screamed and jumped back, pulling U with me, and the car stopped just where we had been. The driver looked at us for a second and then drove off without showing any recognition of just about having hit us...

    But it is a pretty waterway, whatever you call it! ;)

  6. Cath - there were two kinds of daffodils as well as flowering quince blossoms and various other flowers along the route too. Some of those got photographed so the pictures will probably appear on the blog in the coming weeks!

  7. Great - I find the sight of spring blossoms of all kinds really uplifting! There are daffodils in front of the biology building (where I give my big lecture) and little blue flowers carpeting the lawn of the law school - walking by them puts a spring in my step! hugs, Cath