Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Just in time for spring...

Last fall, as it was starting to get cool, as people were beginng to pull out warmer clothing, I got a message from a friend. She wondered if I could knit her a shawl, there wasn't much she liked in the stores and it was all hideously expensive  I agreed immediately but when my friend didn't give me any hints as to what she wanted I started to get nervous.

I have a complex when it comes to my knitting. I know I can l knit basic things well, but I always convince myself the item is all wrong once I get started.

This project was a perfect example - choosing the yarn seemed easy enough, I found some pretty dark green yarn with hints of dark turquoise, but the pattern was more difficult. I chose one and cast on only to rip it all out and start over, started again with the pattern I had first picked out, ripped it out and started over with a different border, unpicked the border, and then got so fed up with it that I tossed it into the closet for a few weeks and played with baby knitting, making a couple of itty bitty toque /mitten / bootie sets.

With the start of the new year I was going to make myself pull it out and pick it up again when I found myself fondling yarn in a yarn store...

And there it was: soft, fluffy, colourful but not showy, it was juuust right. Next thing I knew I had found the perfect pattern (at least a pattern with the perfect name).

A few months later (and many months late),  here is Jacaranda in Blue for Jacaranda Blue.

As the green beginning to appear in my garden shows, this shawl is just in time for warmer weather... or maybe early for next winter?!

Now, back to the afghan I'm making for our couch... unless there are any more orders that are more exciting than mind-numbingly endless amounts of stockingette in black/beige/brown?


  1. Jacaranda blue! Now you've made me all nostalgic. When the jacaranda trees bloom in Pretoria in South Africa, it's as breathtaking a sight as the cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

    It's a gorgeous blue. A bit like hydrangea?

    I have endless respect for anybody who can make/create things with her hands. I can't even sew on a button ...

  2. Oops, I left out the link - Jacaranda Blue is a bloggy friend, the recipient of the shawl.

    The colour of the pics is a bit misleading, the colour is more of a blue-grey, varying from pale to dark. Knitting is what I do to keep sane on my commute (when not asleep). Oddly enough wielding pointy sticks makes me feel less violent towards my fellow commuters!

  3. That's a lovely blue, and a lovely pattern! Lucky friend. hugs, Cath