Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Six months

I've been terribly lax at keeping up with my knitting posts. Mostly because I'm currently stuck on a large project that seems to be a knitting black hole, but I keep forgetting I have other finished projects that haven't yet been blogged...

Like this baby blanket - backed and edged with a soft cotton flannel so it will keep its shape even after being tossed into the washing machine. Sewn up as I experimented with the embroidery feature on the sewing machine I "borrowed" from U's mother...

Over the past few years I've knit a number of baby blankets and one baby sweater for friends but after finishing (and photographing) them I wrapped them up and sent them off, never getting a baby cuddle in return.

Six months ago, however, I finally got my baby cuddle! Umebossy's Little S was very very little when I visited them at the hospital. She slept peacefully in my arms as I held her, then wrinkled her little face into a mask of anger before breaking into an angelic half-smile that was nearly as adorable as the musical tooooooot that emanated from her opposite end.

It was the text message that Umebossy sent me to tell me little S was on her way that convinced me she'd be a very good mother. It was only weeks after the earthquake and there was widespread panic among foreign communities in and out of Japan about the possibility of nuclear disaster. Amid it all Umebossy's text was a voice of well-needed calm and reason. Then there was the added excitement of knowing little S would be on the outside soon, the joy of having good news amidst all the bad.

With one thing and another I haven't been able to see little S (and her mum too!) nearly as much as I'd like in the six months since she was born, but she's growing bigger and doing wonderfully - just as gorgeous as she was the very first day I met her. I love seeing her get bigger, grow more aware of her surroundings, and, of course, I love me my baby cuddles!

Happy Six Month Birthday little S! May you never ever have to experience the destruction, heartache, and fear that so many did only weeks before you were born. Instead may you be surrounded by love and happiness and grow big and strong and healthy.

Oh, and why don't you give your mum a break and sleep through the night?!


  1. Thats so pretty, you are very talented!

  2. Little S says thank you and that she's excited for the cooler weather so she can start using her blanket again! :)

  3. She is so adorable! Your blankets are beautiful!! Good luck with getting the big one you're working on.

  4. Thanks guys!

    I have another baby blanket that is finished and just waiting for some photos to be taken before it gets sent off... and I just found out that a coworker's wife is expecting so...!

    And Umebossy - Little S's speech is getting better if she told you all that! ;)

  5. Pretty! Did you sew down in the middle of the blanket as well, or just the edges?

    I think I need to dig out my sewing machine . . . . .