Saturday, 10 September 2011

Up down turn around

U pulls the car over to the curb and I crawl out, pulling myself and my bag out through the narrow amount I'm able to open the door. As I close the door U suddenly yells:

"Pull your skirt down, you're showing your underwear!!"

Because U was being conscientious and had pulled the car alllllll the way to the curb, I'm standing waist deep in bushes with about an inch between me and the car, but I attempt to check my skirt. Not seeing it caught up anywhere I make a move to get past the car and out if the bush. But U repeats his yell, with a touch more panic.

"Pull your skirt down!!"

I am confused because I can't find the source of U's complaint and annoyed that I have to stand in the bushes. I glare at him and ask him what the #%£¥ he is talking about. He half reaches out across the passenger seat and mumbles:

"Your t-shirt... shorts..."

Turns out my t-shirt got pulled up a bit and you could see the waistband of the shorts I was wearing under my skirt.

I'm glad I wasn't flashing the entire neighbourhood and it is nice to know U has my back, but wouldn't pulling DOWN my skirt actually have made it worse?!

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