Thursday, 8 September 2011

Things I love Thursday

- my dad buying a ticket to come to Japan for nearly a month over Christmas

- planning a fall get-away to meet my dad in Brussels! (raspberry beer, chocolate, raspberry beer, yummy food... RASPBERRY BEER!)

- international festivals in Yoyogi koen (just in September there are Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, and India!!)

- busy work days and knowing I'm needed!

- papico (coffee and chocolate ice cream)


  1. Nom, also looking forwards to the international festivals (or eating my way around them at least!). Can't decide if we're going to do India or Nepal/Vietnam though. Maybe both if Little S is amenable!

  2. That belgium trip sounds amazing! Reminds me that I still want to go...

  3. Umebossy - working on Saturdays kind of crampsy weekend plans, but I will make it to the Indian festa with a group of friends I met in India! Hoping to male it to a few others too. Did you notice there's going to be an "earthday market" in Sept too? I don't suppose that means yummy veggie food again, does it?

    Judith - My dad and I went to Brugge years and years ago and it was one of the best trips we've ever taken together - beautiful scenery, delicious food, and even better beer. That memory is what prompted us to arrange this trip and I am really looking forward to it. I would REALLY recommend you go (especially to Brugge) if you can!

  4. They do the eart day market quite regularly, it's like a farmers market kind of dealy... Some food stalls but nowhere near as many as veggie festa and not all are veggie I don't think buy quite often Loving Hut, the place we went to in Yotsuya are there. Veggie festa on Oct 15/16!