Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Somedays are Tuesdays

I was holding off posting this as I was going to link to Lulu, but she doesn't appear to be doing a Somedays... Post today so...

Most days for the past two months have been all about work - either the major project nearing completion at my day job or the largesse gallery translation contract I've been working on in my "off" hours. Since I sent off the last major section on Saturday (actually a good number of hours into Sunday), however, hopefully the work-life balance should improve!

Most days I have a morning coffee when I get to work - I drink it as I read through my email inbox and get started in the day's projects. Somedays, however, given the late nights spent working on the translation, I've needed another coffee in the afternoon, or even a "health drink." Unfortunately there have been too many of those "somedays" recently and my body has gotten used to the second dose of caffeine. That means caffeine withdrawal headaches that hit around 4 pm every afternoon. I'm trying to bear through them as I know from the past I can ween myself off, but it sure hasn't been making the evening commute much fun.

Most days the view out of my window at work is crows playing on the roof of the building next door, or perhaps a cleaning or drinks delivery truck. Somedays, however, I see people walking by and they do a double take at the white face looking out the window at them. Or, like today, a lost would-be visitor raps at the window and asks to be let in...!

Somedays U and I eat dinner together, but most days recently U has been kept at work late and had to drive his boss home, meaning he comes home nearly two hours later than normal and we have dinner separately. This too should change soon, however, as U's boss' house renovations (clogging up the driveway and meaning he has to leave his car at work) are set to end this week. In the meantime, however, I'm enjoying the yummy sweets he sent U home with yesterday nicer than the usual I went somewhere gift - sort of a peace offering I think!

Most days I no longer mind my long commute but somedays, like yesterday, when the line was stopped for a while and theb PACKED due to an "accident," I still wish I lived closer to work.

Most days recently I haven't written anything on my blog, but here's to hoping that now, somedays will be different!


  1. Sorry, yeah I didn`t post this week {or last}- I have gotten a bit lazy and over it. Feel free to do them whenever you want though!

    I actually miss commuting because I used to read and now I rarely read an actual book. I read ebooks and blogs and stuff online but don`t read many actual books that are not picture books {Read 10 or more of them a day!}...bit sad really.

  2. I don't read many actual books anymore - but I have gotten into reading old classics through the Kindle app on my iPhone - and I love it! I find I get too into books and can't put them down so I have to limit myself... I like books too much so I can't let myself read?! Now THAT is sad!

  3. It's lovely to hear more about your life :)

  4. Thanks for the comment Sarah! I can only imagine how you must stand out in a crowd! Didn't know that you blogged. Love the baby blanket pics. Very beautiful. I'll have to explore some more ;-) Cheers!