Friday, 31 December 2010

FFILT - family, food, & things I love Thursday

- sunny Vancouver days (FINALLY!!)
- views of snow-capped mountains
- walks by the ocean
- walks through old growth forest
- roast pork and apple sauce
- apple pie and imperial cheese
- fresh hot Montreal-style bagels
- homemade turkey soup
- Christmas leftovers (a 24 lb bird for Christmas means LOTS of yummy leftovers!)
- "flunch" with 2 generations of female relatives (U and the other boys were sent off elsewhere)


  1. All we needed was Heather and her girls and we could have had all the female descendants of the Castell 3! It was wonderful to see you and to meet U. luv Sharon

  2. I think it might just about be midnight for you right now so Happy New Year! Hope you and U had a fun time seeing in the new year, and see you both when you get back!

  3. Sharon - I'd love to see heather again and meet her girls! I'm really looking forward to a summer picnic too!

    Umebossy - good timing! I hope you three had a good New Years. Nothing personal, but we're not looking forward to heading back, bUT I am looking forward to introducing the boys sometime!

  4. Sounds wonderful, especially the yummy "home" foods and time with family. xxx

  5. Happy New Year! sounds like you're having a great time in the homeland.

  6. Melanie - the food was wonderful, I had roast lamb twice!! (not as good as your lamb, I'm sure, Canada is not known for it's lamb afterall!)

    Heather - I did a double take when I read your comment, thinking it was from my second cousin Heather that Sharon had already mentioned... Our New Years was low key but the trip has been packed and good fun!