Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Lights and Action!

U arrived in Vancouver this morning and we put him to work immediately - we put up the outdoor lights in the morning and then decorated the tree in the afternoon. Good fun!


  1. Blurred to protect your location? ;) Glad to hear U made it safe and sound - hope he enjoys his Canadian Christmas and meeting all the relatives isn't too stressful! (And tell him it's never too late to start smoking if he needs an escape ;) )

  2. Umebossy - all the pics were blurred, this one was semi-artfully blurred as opposed to the just blurred ones! I was going to upload a pic of the tree, but I managed to chop off the star in every single shot!! Sigh. And I can't even blame te Baileys as we haven't yet picked up a bottle!!