Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hole in One

I made tonjiru for dinner tonight. A huge pot of it - lots of naganegi(long onion?), daikon, carrots, shirataki... but no tofu. Why? I love tofu. I love tofu in tonjru. I bought a pack of tofu to go in the tonjiru. I opened the packet and tilted it sideways to pour out the tofu water but apparently the tofu didn't want to be cooked and had visions of freedom - it jumped out of the packet, launching itself over my hand. It missed the dirty dishes in the sink and made a perfect no-splash olympic dive right down the sink drain.

A hole in one.

Nothing but net.

I automatically reached out to grab my fleeing tofu (that didn't get very far because I have the mesh bag thingy in my sink drain basket...) but when my hand came up with a small crumble of coffe ground covered tofu I suddenly decided my tonjiru didn't need tofu afterall...


  1. Think you made the right decision!

  2. Yeah... I think so too, but I still missed it in the soup!

  3. The tofu that got away - I love it! (Now you know why I like to have a clean sink when I start cooking, though I'm not sure that would have helped in this case...)

    Sounds yummy!
    love and hugs,