Thursday, 16 December 2010

TILT eh!

With one day of work left before THREE WEEKS in Canada, there is PLENTY to love this Thursday!

- planning my first meals back in Canada (dim sum on Sunday morning and then the neighbourhood brick oven pizzeria for pesto and goat cheese pizza (no tomatoes!) )
- fun coworkers
- being needed at work
- the neighbourhood kushi place
- Christmas shopping with U
- finally casting off a scarf I've been working on for far too long
- seeing my dad in less than 3 days!!


  1. Have a great time back home-stuff yourself silly (I am!!)

  2. Achan - I intend to stuff myself silly, the only trouble is that I have my annual health check a week or so after I get back!

  3. Yay - have a great trip! Safe travels and see you in the new year :)