Thursday, 6 January 2011

A last Canadian TILT

- lunch with an old friend
- baking for my dad (cornbread, blueberry cornbread, turkey pie, spanokopita, strawberry-rhubarb pastries, cranberry bread, eggnog scones, rye bread)
- shopping dates with my cousin
- movie dates with my dad (3 days and 3 movies)

Although unfortunately after a pathetic third period collapse by the Canadians in the gold medal game of the World Junior Championship, I can't say I'm loving hockey, although I am loving watching hockey games with my dad and aunt. 

I have one full day left in Canada and then I'm heading back. I've had a really good visit and am wishing it would last just a little longer... sigh!


  1. I'm finally catching up with your blog. I wish you could bake for me too (especially cornbread, which I miss)! Which movies did you see? I saw a Bollywood film, 'No Problem' in Jaipur. Actually we only saw half because at the intermission no one wanted to see the second half, so we went for dhosas instead. I think our leader was disappointed... A visit home that feels too short sounds like a perfect visit. love and hugs, Cath

  2. We saw "The King's Speech" with my cousin and all really enjoyed it. Then dad and I saw "Fair Game" about the CIA agent Valerie Plamme and the Iraq War intelligence fiasco. We wanted to see "The Social Network" my last night but gave up in favour of a nice meal together. I haven't yet told him I saw it on the plane on the way home... And wasn't all that impressed after all the hype I heard.

    Too bad you didn't enjoy your Bollywood movie, but it really is luck of the draw... like one we took a group of older British ladies to go see that turned out to be soft porn... oops!!

  3. I want to see The King's Speech too - that'll be the first fun thing I do after Jan 20, I think. That's funny about the soft porn Bollywood flick. Ours was a cops and robbers and love comedy combined - not enough dancing, and we couldn't understand the dialogue because there were no English subtitles. Oh well. I actually still have to see the new Harry Potter...
    love and hugs, Cath