Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday

What I'm doing instead of blogging...


  1. Are you seriously studying to be grad student at todai?

    that space was me bowing down and raising my arms up and down at you. Wow.

    Good luck. Can't be an easy task. Christ, I think I need a drink just at the thought.

  2. goodluck Sarah, I hope all your hard work pays off!

    ...and U? has he been shoved off to care for the poinsetta by himself at the dorm?

  3. GW - yes, I am indeed studying to take the entrance exam for Todai. Thanks for your comment - it cut through my stress fog and made me chuckle!! The prospect of actually getting in and doing a phD there freaks me out as does the exam (on SATURDAY) but I think I need something stronger than a drink... a mallet to the head perhaps?!

    Achan - thanks! I'm regretting taking all the time off at Christmas and not studying more but... And never fear, while the poor poinsettia didn't survive being left over the holidays, U is doing fine. He's applying for new jobs and working lots of overtime. And it isn't all work... I have a couple of posts waiting to be written about that!

  4. Good luck, my dear!
    love and hugs, C