Thursday, 18 November 2010

Translation Loving

What am I loving this Thursday?

This article.

Totally. Made. My. Day.

I realize getting my translations aren't quite a matter of life or death, but I'm always for quality in translation!


  1. Hi,

    Sorry I just realised you'd left lots of nice messages on my blog- thanks for reading!
    LOL! I like the mistake, though maybe it will scare them into not committing more crimes?

  2. Heather - having spent three years as a student at a Japanese uni I enjoy reading your experiences working in one. It is also refreshing to find a fellow foreign female working in Japan in her area of speciality outside of English-teaching (not that I have anything against English teachers!)

    Maybe the prison officials should post the mis-translation outside the gates to discourage people from getting into the prison in the first place!