Thursday, 4 November 2010

Squeezing in a TILT

Its only just barely Thursday, so this is going to have to be quick to be done in time, and because it is past my bedtime!

Things I'm loving this Thursday:

- cake at work! On Tuesday there were chocolate covered slices of chocolate roll cake (chocolate roll cake good! dip it in a layer of chocolate?! double good!!) brought as an omiyage by one of my coworkers (I love it when my coworkers go to exciting, or rather yummy places!)

- work! While there are still some issues in one of the departments I work in, things are going really well in one of the other departments. We're currently finishing up a big project, so this has me checking in with various coworkers on and off all day, scurrying about, and checking details and putting it all together - all of which I really enjoy. So much more fun than being stuck staring at a computer in a room all by myself for 6 hours!

- my hot carpet!! With the weather getting cold I love sitting on the hot carpet with a knitted blanket round my knees.

- making plans for Christmas in Canada - I'm slowly getting in touch with friends and family and making plans for our trip back. I'm getting really excited but I think U is just nervous.

- knitting mitts - the size means almost instant gratification and I am loving the fuzzy softness of the yarns I chose (a couple of different yarns combined in an attempt to match a woven shawl I was given last year) (don't worry Umebossy, little O's baby blanket is nearly half done and I will be back to it soon!!!)


  1. Oh I want to knit! It seems to make you so happy!!!! along with cake!!

  2. Achan - I'd LOVE to teach you, but I should warn you, knitting can also annoy me to no end. Case in point is the mitts I thought I had finished but have decided I am very very unhappy with. This means ripping them out and starting all over again... arrrrrrgh!!