Thursday, 25 November 2010

FOOOOOD and drink

What am I loving this Thursday? Well the title if this post sort of gives it away....

- LAMB!! - I was taken out for a FABULOUS Italian multicourse dinner at a lovely little bistro on Monday night. The dinner was to thank my friend and I for all we did for the GS 90th celebrations. For various reasons two of the women in charge were not able to be involved much and the load fell to my friend, with me helping out a bit. The women felt bad so treated us to dinner and... WOW! What with my tomato allergy I was a bit worried when we got there and I found it had been preordered, but the staff took it in stride and not a tomato was seen in any if the nearly a dozen courses. The grilled lamb was divine and the mushroom and bacon pasta delicious. I was in a delirium if food coma for my entire train ride home and beyond.

- Margaritas! - Unfortunately work on Tuesday was horrid and then when I thought it was over a smelly old guy fell soundly asleep (could not be woken by any of my shoves) on my shoulder with his buddy beside him letting out the occasional ten decibel snore beside him. Luckily U was awaiting me in Tsukuba and took me out for dinner. He chose a pseudo Mexican restaurant where I washed away my crappy day with fruity frozen margaritas - proven to solve just about everything or make you care a whole lot less!

- Oden - stewed fishpaste balls and veggies and tofu may not sound all that delicious when described in English but there is something comforting about a steaming bowl of oden. And the packs for sale at the supearket make it SUPER easy too! I "made" it for U and I for dinner this weekend and he kept raving about how happy he was that I like oden.

Must run, I'm meeting a friend for shabu-shabu tonight!


  1. I've never got close enough to a bowl of oden to know whether or not it's comforting! The smell in combinis in winter makes me feel sick so although I'm sure the supermarket stuff is a lot nicer I just don't have the stomach for it. Must ask S if he wishes I would make it though! Lucky for U that you do ;)

    Hope there have been no more stinkers of days after Tuesday!

  2. Food paradise! Oden sounds great - I think I know and like the Chinese version. Hope work improves, or maybe you'll have to introduce a happy hour there so you can start on the margaritas earlier!
    love and hugs, Cath

  3. Umebossy - Oden is one of those things that a lot of people don't like. I love it (blame Cathy, she was feeding me fish meatballs years ago) but can't stand natto... to each her own!

    Cath - you would like oden! You'll have to come for a visit in the winter sometime!! Ooooh I like the idea of margarita happy hour at work! Although since we aren't allowed even water in the room where I work (old documents and food and drink don't mix) I'm guessing the curatorial staff wouldn't agree...