Saturday, 27 November 2010


As I commute to work this morning (Tuesday's holiday meant the museum was closed Wednesday and I'm making up for it by working Saturday) I realized I missed #1 on my TILT the other day.

iTunes decided to spontaneously reinstall itself on my computer (perhaps just a new version but then it doesn't normally do the whole welcome to iTunes spiel) and in doing so discovered nearly all of the music it lost for no apparent reason months ago. (That was followed by me managing to wipe my iPod completely clear while only halfway through ripping my songs back to my computer) I had to redo all my playlists but apart from a few songs still missing, I have myTunes back! Am I going to try and figure out why they came back, or why they disappeared in the first place?


I don't want to risk loosing them again! As I was standing waiting for my train this morning, foot tapping to my favourite group, I was smiling from ear to ear.... It is good to have music that does that to you!


  1. What's that saying - ITunes works in mysterious ways...? Enjoy! love and hugs, Cath

  2. Umebossy - my songs may be back but I'm still not able to dowload hockey game podcasts so I'm not all that thrilled with iTunes either... grrrr!

    Cath - my Bollywood tunes have mostly disappeared but I thought of you when I discovered that the soul Messiah is all there... Oooh! You should try to go to a Bollywood movie while you're in India!!!

  3. Great that you got your soul Messiah back! I think we will see a Bollywood movie one night - will keep you posted! love and hugs, C