Tuesday, 9 November 2010

E-i-e-i-o.... q!

This morning as I was racing out the door I went to close the open cupboard door and instead knocked my 100 yen store container of 300 q-tips. The container went flying, spraying q-tips everywhere. Since I was in danger of missing my morning train, however, I let them lie and raced off to the station. I realized quite quickly that something was odd with my left boot... but just catching my packed train I had no chance to actually do anything about it until I got to work.

Sure enough, there in the toe of my left boot was a q-tip.

Why do I get the feeling that q-tips are going to be showing up in the oddest of places for the next few months?

"Here a q-tip, there a q-tip, everywhere a q-tip...."


  1. hehehe... I can just imagine! I find all sorts of surprises in my boots that my bub leaves in there for me. The other day it was a half chewed up piece of apple...

  2. Actually you'll discover there is more than 300, they just keep multiplying!!

    Can I ask why do you call them q tips? (always wanted toask someone this dumb question!!) They are called cotton buds in Australia!

  3. Well at least you'll always have one handy if you get squishy ears when out and about (although I'm not sure I'd want to use one that had been stored in my shoe...)

  4. Melanie - at least q-tips aren't squishy! Did you notice the apple before or after you put your foot in the boot?!

    Achan - q-tip is a brand name. Just like Kleenex or Saran wrap, the brand name has become the name for the object itself. I think non q-tip brand q-tips are labelled as cordon buds in Canada.

    Umebossy - I never thought of carrying things in my shoes... it could be rather handy, although you're right I didn't want to use the q-tip that had come out of my boot!

  5. Hilarious! Do you think your roommate George and his descendants will be interested in qtips? If so, you may find them in the strangest places, far from where they were dropped...
    love and hugs, C

  6. C - it is now off season for George's descendants, haven't seen one of them in months (KNOCK WOOD). If they want the q-tips, however, they are welcome to them, if it keeps them out of sight!