Monday, 6 September 2010

Yay for September!

I am pretty happy to see the end of August - it started of really with an amazing week in Indonesia - but went downwards immediately upon our return and didn't get much better. Getting sick, then some stuff at work, worries about a Japanese friend and her adventures in the less-than-stellar Japanese mental health system...

But September is here and a long-awaited break to the never-ending higher than average disgusting summer heat has to be just around the corner, right? Right???

Either way I have an art gallery translation contract to translate and a huge Girl Scout event to plan for - that should keep me busy! I've also decided to finally take level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I passed level 2 over a decade ago and have kept on putting off taking the next step. I don't think my kanji or esoteric grammar skills are good enough to pass but I'm not worried as the real reason I'm taking the test is to make me study Japanese with the hopes of passing a different exam in January.

Also, I discovered a silver lining to getting sick and loosing my appetite - when I pulled out the much-neglected Wii yesterday it told me I had lost more than 2 kilos! I don't recommend it as a diet technique but I'll happily accept the results! especially since as U's been working late a lot the past few months and that means late night dinners of ramen or fast food - the only places open when he heads back to his dorm late, and that means weight gain, so I actually weigh less than him now - tee hee!!

So there's plenty to look forward to, here's to the promise of fall!


  1. Sorry to hear Sarah that August wasn't a good month on all accounts. I hope that you can recover to your full self quickly (without the extra weight of course) and have lots of energy for all the things you have planned. I just wish I could loose weight when I'm sick!!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been sick and about your friend! All the best for the new month ahead and for the study!

  3. Some months are like that, eh? At least it looked like you were well enough to enjoy Indonesia! Good luck with the test! Learning another language so proficiently as you have is so difficult, as I'm discovering with German. Hope you get your strength back! love and hugs, Cath

  4. Achan - I don't get fevers often, but if I do and if they stick around for a few days I've discovered that it often ends in weight loss (probably more from lack of appetite than anything else). Some sort of silver lining I suppose?

    Melanie - thanks! The studying is off to a very rocky start, but I have plans to meet up with my friend this weekend, so I can check in with her and see if there is anything I can do...

    Cath - Am feeling myself again, any lack of oomph still left is all due to the oppressive heat that is still pounding Tokyo. Good luck with German - I'm very very glad Japanese doesn't have any der/die/das!

  5. Good to hear you're feeling better! I've been sick all week with a nasty flu-like cold, and missed one and a half days of my German lessons, plus the 50th anniversary party of the Goethe Institute Berlin. Oh well, at least I have a teacher at home who can correct me when I get der/die/das wrong, or einem/einer/einen/eines, etc. wrong, or, etc... love and hugs, Cath