Thursday, 9 September 2010

Getting back on the TILT wagon

I know things haven't been nearly as crappy as they seem lately, but everything got tainted with the same negativity so I wanted to get back to doing Things-I-love-Thursdays. So here goes...

- the weather today! I know reports say Tokyo will be melting again soon (over 35 on Saturday) but today was cool and sunny and lovely.

- random care packages! (thanks Cath!!) I opened my mailbox yesterday to find a thick brown envelope with a fun kids book and a bar of Swiss chocolate (that had completely liquefied in the heat and needed a time-out in the fridge).

- SWISS CHOCOLATE! After a day in the fridge the liquefied bar showed absolutely no bad side effects - if anything being even more creamy and melt in your mouth delicious. I had planned to use it as an award for having finished the translation I am currently working on... but my will power apparently isn't that good... oops.

Speaking of translations... I had thought I was almost done with this particular contract, only to open my inbox and discover a frantic email from the same art gallery - they just realized that a few images in the exhibit opening next week are actually new ones and don't have English titles yet... could I translate their titles in the next few days? Right then... enough procrastinating from me!


  1. Definitely loving the cooler weather yesterday and today! And I was very amused by the fact that from the middle of the week the highs will be 29/30 and I thought "hooray! ONLY 29/30!" which a few years ago would have been "29/30 bloody hell I'm going to die!".

    I got a nice parcel from my mum today, so I think my list this week would have been the same as yours if I weren't too lazy to make it ;)

  2. Yesterday morning was a very muggy commute and then I got caught in the downpour when I went out for lunch and had to spend the rest of the day with wet feet (the three pairs of work shoes I wear on a regular basis are all falling apart and leak, I desperately need comfortable but work friendly shoes that don't make my feet wet!!) sooooo I'm not willing to include yesterday's weather in my list... but yay for parcels, eh?! What was in yours?

  3. It was awful around lunchtime wasn't it! I saw that something like 50mm fell in an hour. Sorry to hear you had to suffer because of it though :/

    My parcel contained a couple of books, a little souvenir from mum's recent holiday and several bags of Skips, a snack that you might have tried in the UK? Was hankering after them and she sent them to me as a surprise :)

  4. Hi Sarah, Great to hear you got the package already! And glad to hear the chocolate didn't go bad despite melting - I guess chocolate almost never goes bad. Maybe I should wait until the weather is cooler to send you more, though... I hope the humid season ends soon - I know you get beautiful falls. Good luck on your work! I really like your TILTs so I'm glad you're continuing the tradition. love and hugs, Cath

  5. Umebossy - I don't think I've ever had Skips before, or at least they don't ring a bell. When I was little my mum's favourite treat when she took me to the UK was crunchy bars, which at the time we couldn't get in Canada. I remember her being SOOOO excited at finding them in Tube station vending machines!

    Cath - chocolate sent to India never quite recovered somehow, and I was worried about this one as the paper packet was all oily (the chocolate had separated I think) but it was super yummy anyways! (although a somewhat different consistency despite 24 hours in the fridge). Thanks again!!!

  6. You've got to see this news clip about the biggest bar of chocolate in the world, made by an Armenian (!) chocolate company:

    The bar weighs 9,700 pounds! I don't think they're planning to send it anywhere...
    love and hugs, Cath