Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekend Why...

Why is it that U, who lives in a company dorm with no regular access to a kitchen, who is always suggesting we go out for meals, who had never really cooked before he met me, why does he have a thing for kitchen gadgets?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! Not complaining at all! U buying kitchen gadgets = Sarah getting a fun new toy to play with, after all! But it does amuse me!

A while back he became obsessed with the Lekue steam case and I have been enjoying steaming food (veggies, banana bread, chocolate cake...). It is never something I would have bought myself, but I am really happy to have it in my kitchen now, as I love how super quick and easy it is to use.

Today we went to the Indian Festival at Yoyogi park and found a mini farmer's market type group of stalls nearby. U stopped at a handmade bamboo goods stall and became entranced by the daikon grater. (me, I was off fondling handspun yarn...) I convinced U that I did not need the full-size daikon grater (it would have taken up my entire counter space when set out and would not fit in the limited cupboard space... well at least not unless I continue on breaking dishes at the same pace I have the past few days, at this rate I'll be out of dishes by late next week!) The mini-sized grater, however, found its way home with us and I guess I'm going to have to go buy a daikon now!

I wonder what will be next...


  1. A daikon grater!!!! Wasn't there anything else of interest?? They are the kitchen utensil of the moment though, every time I turn on a cooking show they are using that big chunky grater.

    Maybe he thinks by filling up your kitchen cupboards he is filling up his!!

  2. Achan - I hadn't realized daikon graters were "the thing" but that makes sense, U is swayed by fads like that!

    I've been thinking about the reasoning and wonder if it isn't his way of looking after me - making sure I have the tools to make yummy meals for myself...

  3. That steam case looks neat! Is it made of plastic or something else? And how do you use it? I'm not surprised that U is a gadget-man - it somehow matches my stereotype of scientific men. Enjoy your toys! love and hugs, C

  4. Cath - the case is silicon so can withstand microwave heat. Just pop whatever it is in (ie rinse some spinach and cut it, toss into the case) and zap for a couple of minutes (and you have steamed spinach for your omlete!) Super easy and healthy! Yay for steamed veggie salads!