Thursday, 30 September 2010

TILTing on the train

With the big Girl Scout event happening in just over a week I've been kept more than busy lately and a busy Sarah is a happy Sarah! I've been meaning to do a 'Things I love Thursday' post for a few weeks now, so this'll be a round-up.

- the reason for the title and the reason for my smile since I picked it up last night - I'm now the owner of a brand new iPhone 4! Emailing during my morning commute makes being squashed into some sweaty businessman slightly bearable!

- meals with friends - good food and conversation, how can you go wrong? Especially when one of those meal partners is an 'old' friend back in Japan for a month?!

- using my long unused French! One of my projects right now at work is translating 150 year old French newspaper articles into Japanese. It is a challenge and I love it!

- planning our Christmas trip to Canada! U decided he had to take advantage of the strong yen and has already changed his money!

- knitting! Thanks to a friend and her recent announcement I have a very good reason to be knitting. I've put aside a scarf that was boring me and being ignored (and thereby not getting knit). Baby knitting is fun!! With the cooler weather I've also started using some of my hand knits, wrapping myself in something I made myself is incredibly rewarding.


  1. Yay, glad you're enjoying your iphone - now we can SMS for free!

    Have you started putting apps on yet? skype is really handy, facebook, free JP-EN dictionary app called kotoba!, 乗り換え案内 costs a few hundred yen but is so worth it! Ooh and definitely the Japanese cookpad app for tons of recipes.

  2. iphone envy!! I wanted one after seeing Umebossy's!! Hubby said NO sob sob.

    Can't wait to see what you've knitted for the baby!!

    150 year old French???? wouldn't translating that to English be harde enough? I have brain power envy too

  3. Umebossy - yay indeed! I LOVE my phone. I was going to ask about apps, I have found a few - Skype, Facebook, a game I have an unhealthy addiction for, a study app for the JLPT... Thanks for the suggestions! I found a train program and tried to download kotoba! but since I haven't been able to get the wireless working I can't download it as it is too big... Oooh! recipes! wheeeee! This is fun! ;)

    Achan - U wasn't keen on the iPhone either. I figured out that it wasn't actually going to cost me anything more to get an iPhone, so... and now hearing me talk about mine U has started seriously thinking about getting one himself! So I think you just need to find somebody with an iPhone to chat up your hub and convince him of its general amazingness.

    The baby knitting is coming along, but it is a larger project, so it will take a while. In the meantime I hav a bunch of projects I finished months ago but haven't yet photographed and blogged. A couple of boring scarves, but also a couple of projects I'm really happy with... those will be up soon, I promise! (as soon as I get a sunny day off to do some photographing)
    Oh, and the French? They are so uptight about their language that it really hasn't changed much in 150 years! And there's nothing to have brain envy over, I can't go F-J, so I translate it into English (roughly and quickly) and then go back and translate it into Japanese in two separate steps. Just tough enough to make it fun, but not enough to turn my brain to mush at the end of the day.